Light Armor

Leather Jacket
Price 250
Really more of a fashion statement than armor.It is better than bare skin, and keeps the elements off you.

Leather Armor
Price 700
This thick leather chest piece was originally designed for use in contact sports such as Motorcycle Football, and other games that were popular before the war.

Leather Armor MkII.
Price 1000
The second version of leather armor is a more recent creation. Usually created out of tanned brahmin hide, this armor was created with combat in mind.

Light Armor (requires Light Armor Proficiency)

Armor Type Equip. Bonus Non Proficiency
Armor Penalty Max Dex Bonus Speed Weight
Leather Jacket Impromptu 1 1 8 0 30 4 lb.
Leather Armor Archaic 2 1 6 0 30 8 lb.
Leather Armor MkII Tactical 3 1 5 -2 30 10 lb.

The Leather jacket and Leather Armor have a DR of 1, the MkII Leather Armor has a DR of 2.

Medium Armor

Combat Armor
Price 7000
Combat armor is advanced personal armor for the 21st century police officer or military grunt. This suit covers a majority of the body, and includes boots, gloves, and a helmet with
laser reflective goggles.

Combat Armor MkII.
Price 9000
An advanced version of the above. As it offers superior protection, it was often distributed to units that saw more intense fighting.

Brotherhood Armor
Price 12000
A further improved version of the standard combat armor used by elite military branches. This armor is usually only issued to members of elite paramilitary organizations, and anyone not affiliated with that organization caught wearing this armor will likely be seen as suspect.

Environmental Armor
Price 6000
Environmental armor is a combination of body armor, and the functions of an NBC suit. It is airtight, and features a helmet with an air filtration device, and the ability to block most
of the radiation bombarding the wearer. Though it offers fair protection against both attacks and environmental damage, it comes with the price of limited mobility. Due to its nature, this suit protects the entire body. Its protection against the environment only is in effect when the helmet is worn with the rest of the suit.

Environmental Armor MkII
Price 7500
The MkII version of Environmental Armor increases the protection against environmental damage, but sacrifices even more mobility.

Metal Armor
Price 1500
A suit of metal armor crafted from pieces of scrap metal. The rough construction interferes with movement, and tends to produce sound at the most inopportune times.

Metal Armor MkII
Price 2000
A more polished and refined version of regular metal armor. Though it sports a more refined construction, is weight still interferes with movement, and is still rather noisy to wear.

Tesla Armor
Price 5000
Armor designed with three electricity dissipating coils and silver coating to deflect and dampen the effects of plasma, pulse, and laser weapons. Its all-metal construction makes it hard to be stealthy while wearing it.


Helmets can be worn independently of armor. Many of them are already part of a suit; combat helmets go with combat armor, and so forth. Taking off a helmet results in a slight loss of AC and, in some cases, a loss of certain resistances.

Leather Cap
Value: 90
A simple cap, made from tanned Brahmin hide. AC: 1

Metal Helmet
Value: 200
A metallic helmet that provides some protection to the head and face. These can be crafted from almost any kind of metal, but can be dangerous if not made and worn properly. AC: 1

Combat Helmet
Value: 500
Part of a suit of combat armor, this helmet is made of Kevlar and reinforced plastics. They are figured into the AC of combat armor AC: 1

Environmental Helmet
Value: 900
Part of a suit of environmental armor, this helmet provides a minimum amount of protection but is key in filtering out gasses. Will not work without the corresponding suit. AC: 0 GR: 100/10

Power Armor Helmet
Value: 1500
They come in many shapes and sizes, but power armor helmets are some of the most easily recognized headgear's in the wastes. They will not work without the suit.
AC: 13 GR: 100/20

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