Basic Items

Value: 10
A chemical-packed stick that, when ignited, will provide light for about an hour.
W: 1 lb.

Value: 10
When you need to get that molotov cocktail going, or burn that particular bridge.
W: 1 lb.

Value: 15
A small flashlight (torch) that runs off of a special energy cell. Usually provides about 30 hours of light before going out.
W: 1 lb.

Value: 25
What role playing game would be complete without a rope? Perhaps one of the most useful items in the world.
Consider this to be about 10 meters long.
W: 10 lbs.

Value: 30
Can you dig this, daddy-o?
W: 15 lbs.

Claw Hammer
Value: 40
A useful implement, the claw hammer can pound nails into things, or remove nails from things. Use it to hang all those
velvet Elvis’ you find in the wastes.
W: 4 lbs.

Value: 40
Gives the user a +50% bonus to Lockpick ability for the purposes of picking basic locks. Some locks require one of these (or a key) to
W: 1 lb.
Tool Set
Value: 50
A set of basic tools, such as small wrenches, pliers, some screwdrivers, and a hammer. For basic repairs.
W: 15 lbs.

Value: 80
A set of reinforced rubber and Kevlar boots. They will protect the wearer from harsh chemicals for a short time, although they
tend to wear out easily.
W: 5 lbs.

Value: 140
The standard instrument for performing surgeries, this surgical-stainless steel knife is small but incredibly sharp. Not
the best tool for a melee fight, but it will do in a pinch. If a character has a scalpel, it adds +10% to his Doctor
skill. See also Melee Weapons.
W: 1 lb.

Gas Mask
Value: 150
This mask protects against harmful gas by conferring a 100/0 Gas Resistance bonus to the wearer. Useful when someone lobs a
mustard gas shell at the party. Note that it does not block radiation.
W: 3 lbs.

Expanded Lockpick Set
Value: 150
This little kit contains everything the aspiring thief needs to break into just about anything protected by a traditional lock. Gives a +70% bonus to
the Lockpicking skill when used.
W: 1 lb.

E 111 Safecracking Kit
Value: 200
The use of this kit is required to open most safes, and gives the user a +20% bonus to their Lockpicking skill when trying to open a safe.
W: 5 lbs.

Electronic Lockpick
Value: 250
This valuable device is required to open electronic locks. It is crafted to overload or override the computer security on electronic doors. They are
usually only available from thieves’ guilds.
W: 3 lbs.

Value: 275
An explosive device consisting of several sticks of dynamite, a detonator, and a timer to set it off. Setting dynamite takes a successful roll against
the Traps skill; an unsuccessful roll means the timer was not set correctly, and will not go off on time (in other words, you might not be
able to run fast enough). Dynamite does 1d20+30 points of damage to anything in its hex and all adjacent hexes when it goes off, and 1d6 points of concussion damage to anything within 4 hexes of the explosion.

Medical Kit
Value: 300
A first-aid kit that, when used, acts like one successful use of the First Aid skill, healing 1d10 points of damage in 1d10 minutes. Can only be used once.
W: 4 lbs.

Geiger Counter
Value: 300
This useful little device not only detects how much radiation is in a person, it can detect harmful radiation in the surrounding area. Useful when you are wondering if that
big glowing crater in the ground is dangerous.
W: 5 lbs.

Plastique (C-14 Plastic Explosive)
Value: 400
C-14 is an improved version of the classic C-4 plastic explosive. A gummylike substance that can be rigged to detonate, plastique is useful because it can be molded to any shape,
to detonate in a concentrated area or spread along a wider surface. C- 14 is a white or gray substance that looks and feels a lot like Silly Putty™. Setting it takes a successful roll against Traps; like dynamite, if the roll fails, the timer is not set correctly, and will blow at the wrong time, or not at all. Plastique does 2d20+30 damage to anything within the hex in which it detonates, half damage to everything in adjacent hexes, and 1d6 concussion damage to anything within 4 hexes of the explosion. C-14 can be compounded on
itself to make bigger bombs, too.
W: 2 lbs.

Doctor’s Bag
Value: 450
The Doctor’s Bag contains various sawbones instruments for diagnosing and treating various maladies. If a character has a Doctor’s Bag, it effectively raises the Doctor skill
by 15% for the purposes of treating crippled limbs and blindness only.
W: 10 lbs.

Electronic Lockpick Mark II
Value: 500
An improved Electronic Lockpick, used by phreakers, hackers, criminals, and CIA operatives before the War. With this tool, not only can a character open any electronic lock, but it contains a variety of interfaces for other electronic devices like mainframe computers, ATMs, and pocket calculators.
W: 5 lbs.

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