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Need more text for the vault dweller background

As the Darwin's World Survival guide says players can use the six classes from the D20 modern book or the new class Apocalyptic Hero.


The following is an additional background for those that just came from a vault.

Vault Dwellers

Some communities have remained inside there vault either by choose or because they were unable to leave. These communities will have some advanced technology and medicine, they will also know how to use and repair them. Most will have lived a life of peace and bliss possibly cared for by automated systems. Others may have had a hard time if there vault had one of the many social tests happening in it.
Skills: Choose three of the following as permanent class skills: Computer use, Concentration, Craft(arts,writing), Knowledge(any but mutant lore), perform, research
Bonus Feats: All Vault dwellers receive the Advanced Technology feat plus one of the following feats: Creative, Educated, Focused, Gearhead, Studious, Trustworthy.
Language: Ancient (bonus languages from high Intelligence can not be spent until the character runs into the language)
Special: Vault dwellers don't start with any money inside there vault as a vault is usually run as a communism. It is up to the overseer to decide what the player starts out with depending on what kind of experiment was happening in that particular vault.

In FalloutD20 all characters start out with a Trait, a player can choose from any of the ones listed here or from the ones presented in unearthed arcana.


Apocalyptic Hero

If you are starting your players out in a Vault you may want to have them wait until they have gotten out into the world before they can take anything from the Survival Tree, and since you won't be using the mutation rules the mutation talent tree is restricted to the first level only.



for lowering merchant prices and getting better deals for the stuff you sell.

Craft (mechanical)

To reload ammo


Making and fixing items

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