Afterburner Gum

After Burner was an attempt to legalize a “safe” form of meth in the early 21st century. Tiny methamphetamine crystals were mixed in with chewing gum by some enterprising corporation. The result was a moderate dose of the drug that lasted for only a few minutes, but produced an intense high in that time.It combines the sensation of having insects crawl all over your skin with the spicy taste of cinnamon.

Initial effect: Chewing a stick will grant the user a +1 bonus to Strength and Dexterity.
Secondary effect: After an hour, the effects will end, and the user incurs a -1 penalty to their Strength and Dexterity for another hour.
Addiction: Every time this drug is used, there is a low chance of being addicted.
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 350


Buffout is the steroid of the 21st century increasing the muscles’ ability to work. True to stereotypes, users of Buffout suffer from moderate mental handicaps during use (as well as excess body acne, violent mood swings, and tiny little baby legs).

Initial effect: Grants the user +2 Strength,Dexterity, and +3 Constitution (granting the user the extra hit points from a higher Constitution)and -2 Intellegence.
Secondary effect: -2 to Strength. This effect lasts for 12 hours, and no amount of sleep will speed up this process.
Addiction: There is a 25% chance each time this drug is used that the user becomes addicted.
Duration: 24 hours
Price: 200

Healing Powder

A powerful healing drug made from a mixture of plants.

Initial effect: Cures 1d8-1 points of damage.
Secondary effect: The user suffers mild hallucinations, incurring a -1 penalty to their actions for an hour after use.
Price: 100


Originating on the west coast of the former United States jet has become the drug of choice for junkies everywhere. Formulated from the fumes of brahmin dung, jet is easily manufactured and stored in cheap inhalers, meaning it rakes in huge profits for sellers.

Initial effect: Inhaling a hit of jet grants the user +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, and an extra 10ft of movement per round.
Secondary effect: After this time has lapsed, the user loses 1 Strength, 1 Dexterity and moves at 10ft less per round than normal for about an hour.
Addiction: Each time Jet is taken the user has a staggering extreme chance of becoming addicted.
Duration: 5 hours
Price: 100


Mentats increase the user’s mental acuity for a short period of time, but are ultimately dangerous due to harsh after effects and a high rate of addiction. An experimental drug for the military at one time, these pills became popular in the prewar streets.

Initial effect: Grants +2 to Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +2 to Spot, Listen a Search checks, and + 1 to all Charisma related skills.
Secondary effect: The user suffers a -2 penalty to their Intelligence after 12 hours awake, or 8 hours of sleep.
Addiction: There is a medium chance every time this drug is used that the user will become addicted.
Duration: 24 hours
Price: 280

Mutagenic Serum

Not really a beneficial drug.

Initial effect: Once injected into a mutant, the target dies a painful, quick death.
Price: —


Mutie is a chemical compound that simulates the beneficial effects of FEV for a short time.

Initial effect: The user gains a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution, and a -4 penalty to Charisma and Intelligence.
Secondary effect: When these effects wear off, the user must make an Endurance check (DC 15) or suffer 4d6 points of damage.
Duration: 12 hours
Price: 2000


Psycho is a concoction of chemicals similar to met amphetamines and steroids. It is highly addictive, and has very harsh after effects, despite its euphoric high.

Initial effect: Grants +3 Strength and Dexterity, and gives the user a Damage Reduction of 5. Unfortunately, they also suffer a -3 penalty to their Intelligence.
Secondary effect: The user will suffer a -3 to their Strength and Dexterity. These effects will last for 12 hours, or after 8 hours of sleep.
Addiction: There is a high chance each time this drug is used, the user will become addicted.
Duration: 6 hours
Price: 400

Rad Away

Rad away is the #1 brand of radiation treatment medicine. It comes in an IV drip bag, and requires about an hour to administer to a radiated patient. The special chemicals attach to radioactive particles, and help the users body flush them out.

Initial effect: Removes 60 points of Radiation +1 point per a rank of Treat Injury.
Secondary effect: After use, the user will be somewhat nauseous and disoriented, incurring a -2 on all actions for 2d6 hours.
Addiction: Each time this drug is used, there is a 10% chance that the user will be addicted, and will incur a -5 penalty to Fortitude rolls when warding off radiation.
Duration: Instantaneous
Price: 1500


An effective anti-radiation drug. Works by blocking the lymph nodes ability to absorb radioactive particles. Was sold by the ton to paranoid public and a government waiting for nuclear death.

Initial effect: Each pill taken grants a +2 bonus to Fortitude checks, but only when warding off radiation. (Up to a bonus of +10)
Duration: 6 hours
Price: 300


Stimpaks are small syringes containing a mixture of painkillers and healing chemicals. Quite common before the war, they can be found in one form or another almost everywhere.

Initial effect: Cures 1d8+1 hit points.
Price: 150

Super Stimpak

The larger, more powerful version of the stimpak. Them much more concentrated dose of healing chemicals and painkillers are stored in a syringe, and is administered through the use of a clamp that fits around the user’s limb.

Initial effect: Cures 2d8+1 hit points.
Secondary effect: .
Duration: instantanious
Price: 500

Trauma Pack

A powerful mixture of healing chemicals and painkillers made for use in combat situations. Requires 15 minutes to apply And each pack has 5 uses.

Initial effect: They heal 3d8+1 hit points.
Secondary effect:
Price: 600

Ultra Stimpak

The Ultra stimpak contains a high-powered versions of the chemicals used in the other stimpacs. As they are reserved patients in the direst need, they are very rare.

Initial effect: The Ultra stimpak immediately cures all damage sustained by the user.
Secondary effect: The user must make a Fortitude check (DC 15). A failed check results in the user falling into a coma like state for 1 hour
Duration: 2 rounds or 12 seconds.
Price: 1000


A powerful, though very rare, concoction of chemicals (consisting mostly of animal parts and “mind expanding” plants, dude…). When consumed, the user gains a feeling of invincibility.

Initial effect: The user gains +2 to their Dexterity, a +2 bonus to all rolls, DR 5, and 1d8 temperary hit points.
Secondary effect: The user loses the temporary hit points, and undergoes a slight depression, incurring a -2 penalty to Dexterity, as well as a -2 penalty to all rolls for about an hour.
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 400

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