Environmental Hazards

Acid Rain [EL 1]

Working with dangerous chemicals and pollutants was common in the age of civilization, and these substances didn’t go away with the apocalypse—if anything, they were given free rein. Acidic pollutants and dangerous compounds released into the environment during and after the apocalypse take their toll in a phenomenon called acid rain. An acid rain storm looks, from a distance, like an especially dark and menacing rainstorm. Any character with 5 or more ranks in Survival may make a Spot check (DC 10) to notice an acid rain storm before it passes over; success alerts the character to the acid rain storm 20 minutes before its arrival (add 2 minutes for every point by which the hero beat the Spot check DC).
Acid rain has a dark, gritty quality, and the liquid stings slightly to the touch. Exposure to acid rain for 1 round is not harmful, but any creature in the open for 2 or more rounds during an acid rain storm takes 1d3–1 (minimum 0) points of damage on the second and each subsequent round. Any material that normally provides cover from rain (such as a tent) provides cover from acid rain.
Acid rain lasts 3d6 minutes.


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