Life in the wastes is both harsh and unrelenting. With the loss of virtually all industry and infrastructure, humans living in the wastes must learn to make do with what few tools they have at their disposal. Some artifacts from a time before the war still exist. Surely, someone walking through the ruins of a once massive pre-war city will come across some sort of pre-war technology. The mass production, consumerism crazy prewar civilizations made goods in such quantities that it’s almost guaranteed that some of it has survived the elements.

Inside large cities, goods, while not abundant, should be found in decent sized quantities within a day of searching. These will probably range from ancient foods preserved with massive amounts of chemicals to various small electronic goods. Even more rare should be working conventional firearms and most light types of armor. In smaller cities and towns (should any still exist) fewer items should be left in working or usable condition.

More often than not, items found will be those constructed of durable materials, such as metal, some thick rubbers and plastics, and stone. Pre-war tools, such as hammers and wrenches, should be rather abundant. Most houses can be stripped of their materials (such as wood, pipes, wiring) and used for other projects with ease. Those tools with several working parts, or made from inferior materials, will either have eroded away with time, or become damaged from exposure to the elements.

Due to the relative scarcity of, well, almost everything, people generally pay higher prices for things than they once did, much more so for higher technology items than for low-tech items.

Basic Items


Fall out D20 uses Bottlecaps as a currency But most traders will have only a limited amount of Caps to trade for items. So most things will use the bartering system based on how much the items are worth in caps. When character's are selling items most merchants will only buy things for half of there full value. Also the items Condition will effect the sale price.


Scavenging is how players will find a lot of useful items especially for repairing items they have and getting medicine, ammo can also be found in this way. I have used the rules from the D20 apocalypse book for the scavenging rules. I have reprinted them here with some changes to add in Fallout items


An items condition effects both its sale price and its accuracy and chance to fail.

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