Fumble chart

1-2 Dud, current round is no good (requires half action to clear)
3-5 Jam (aiming and bracing benefits lost) (requires full action to clear)
6-8 Weapon goes off randomly. Randomly chose a target within the weapons 1st range. Roll damage as normal.
9-11 Hit friend, roll randomly among allies 1st range.
12-15 Critical hit on a friend, roll randomly among allies within 1st range
16-18 Round goes off in gun, destroying it
9-20 Round goes off in gun, destroying it and doing critical hit damage to the holder and everyone in 5ft

1-2 Weapon dropped at feet (half action to pick up)
3-4 Weapon stuck in scenery (full round action to remove)
5-7 Weapon slings out of hand (roll 1d8 for direction, and 1d10 for # of squares) if a target is there roll damage
8-10 Hit ally if within 5 ft other wise drop weapon
11-15 Hit ally within 25ft weapon drops at that persons feet
6-17 Weapon breaks on scenery
18-19 character hits himself
20 Weapon breaks injuring character (normal weapon damage)

Other Ranged
1-2 Weapon dropped at feet (half action to pick up)
3-5 Weapon slides from hand (roll d8 for direction and d10 for distance)
6-8 Hit friend (normal damage)
9-12 Crit friend
13-15 Shot self in foot (half damage of weapon and 10ft speed till healed)
16-18 String on bows snap, knives hit scenery and break
19-20 The most inconvenient thing that could happen does

Energy Weapon
1-3 Drop weapon
4-6 Shot drains power pack
7-9 Shot drains power pack, roll 1d8 for direction, roll x4 weapon damage on any target in that line (ref 14 for half)
10-12 Shoot friend
13-16 Shoot self in foot (normal damage + speed reduced by 10 ft)
17-18 Crit friend
19 Round surges in barrel dropping the weapons integrity by 1
20 Energy surges blowing up weapon and dealing damage to weapon owner and everyone in 5 ft

1-7 Round or explosive is a dud
8-10 Shot friend
11-12 Wasn't to smart pointing it down, shoot self (normal)
13-16 Round goes off in weapon, or explode in hand, destroying weapon (normal damage)
17-19 Round or explosive is a dud
20 Create new character

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