When the bombs hit, these unfortunate people were altered forever. They now live out extremely long lived lives, and cursed to appear like the undead. Due to the prejudices they face from human settlements, ghouls tend to live in communities of their own, living only as second class citizens with humans if no other home can be found. Though they appear dead, they are quite alive. In order to sustain their condition, they usually require exposure to a low source of radiation. As such, you can usually find large ghoul settlements near sites of high radioactivity.

Physical Description

Thanks to the massive amount of radiation absorbed by these people at the start of the Great War these people now live very long lives. The radiation also had a negative appearance, as most all ghouls look like rotted corpses. Most have skin colors ranging from greens, to dirt brown to pale white. While many may still have hair, it doesn't grow. Ghouls also cannot reproduce like normal humans, once the ghouls alive today die, there may no longer be any more ghouls. Aside from the hideous changes to their bodies, most ghouls minds are very much intact and they possess skills that many people had before the war, though this does not keep them from being treated poorly by normal humans. Ghouls age very slowly and their life span is currently unknown. They weight anywhere from 80 to 100 pounds and stand anywhere from 50-60 feet tall.


Racism still runs rampant, and ghouls are not usually accepted into most human settlements. Those that do accept them are either highly enlightened cities, or towns that treat them as second class citizens. It is far more common to find them in settlements of their own.

Racial Traits

  • Medium size: As Medium size creatures, ghouls have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • Ghoul base speed is 30 feet.
    • Ghouls receive a + 10 bonus to Fortitude rolls when warding off the effects of Radiation.
    • -2 to Dexterity, +2 to Wisdom and Intelligence, due to their stiff, ghoulish state and long lives.
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