Barter (Cha)

Check: Use this skill to convince others to pay more for your goods, and to accept less money for theirs. To barter with a merchant, you must have a number of goods or amount of money to trade roughly equal to the value of goods you wish to trade with the merchant. Your Barter skill check is opposed by the merchant's skill check. The difference in checks will result in a higher percentage of goods being gained or sold.

Check Difference % increase
1 through 9 10.00%
10 through 19 15.00%
20 through 29 20.00%
30 through 39 25.00%
40 or more 30.00%

EXAMPLE: You have a number of goods that equal about 400 bottle caps, and you wish to trade the merchant for 400 bottle caps of goods. You roll and compare your Barter skill checks, and you come out 5 ahead. You can safely offer 360 points of goods for their 400. Had the merchant won instead, you would have had to pay 440 points of goods for his 400. However, you are under no obligation to buy the merchant’s goods.

Action: A Barter check requires 20 minutes.
Try Again: Yes, but each check takes up to 20 minutes.
Special: You cannot take a 10 or 20 when making a Barter check.

Craft (mechanical)

In addition to the normal uses of this skill, Craft (mechanical) can be used to make ammunition for firearms.
Craft Ammunition: You can use this skill to manufacture ammunition for firearms. Doing so requires raw materials in the form of shell casings and mechanical parts (see Post apocalyptic Gear in Chapter 2).
Crafting ammunition is a moderate Craft task (see Table 2–17, page 30). The amount of ammunition crafted with a single check is ten bullets, or the number of shell casings used, whichever is less. The type of ammunition made is the same as the type of shell casings used.
This use of the Craft (mechanical) skill can only be employed to create normal bullets for firearms that do not deal special damage or have a burst
radius. For example, it cannot be used to create ammunition for the M79 grenade launcher.
A character without an ammunition kit (see page 27) takes a –4 penalty on Craft (mechanical) checks made to craft ammunition.


Making and fixing items

In the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game rules, Craft and Repair checks require parts, with purchase DCs for these parts given in the skill descriptions. In d20 Apocalypse, however, nothing, including repair parts, can be simply purchased at the store, and purchase DCs are irrelevant. Instead, every Repair and Craft check has a parts DC used to determine
whether the user has sufficient parts available to complete the job. Before you can succeed on a Repair or Craft check, you must make a parts check to see if you have what you need.
To make a parts check, you must have a number of the appropriate type of parts equal to at least the number of parts used in the Repair or Craft check, as indicated on Table 2–17. Roll 1d20 and add the number of appropriate parts on hand. For example, if you’re making a Craft (mechanical) check, and you have eight mechanical parts on hand, your bonus on the parts check is +8.
If you succeed on the parts check, you have the parts you need and can proceed with the appropriate skill check for the task. If you fail, you do not have sufficient parts available for the task. You can retry the check, but only after you obtain atleast one additional part.
The DC for the check depends on the task. A given task can have any given parts DC, just as it can have any particular Repair or Craft check DC.
Table 2–17: Repair and Craft Checks
Parts Check Parts

Task DC Expended Time required
Repair check
Simple 10 1 10 min
Moderate 20 3 1 hour
Complex 30 6 10 hours
Advanced 40 10 24 hours
Craft check As D20 Modern
Simple 15 3
Moderate 25 5
Complex 35 10
Advanced 50 20
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