Super Mutant

Super mutants are the product of experimentation with FEV and human beings done by a being known as the Master. Using research from a prewar military installation, he reworked the FEV to change humans into mutants. Many died before he achieved the desired results. The process, known as dipping required that an individual be dipped into a vat containing this improved version of the FEV virus, as well as being subjected to high levels of radiation. Those people who were successfully dipped became much larger tougher, and stronger. Frequently, the dip also caused a loss of intelligence, though a few fortunate souls actually became smarter, It was the ultimate goal of the Master to dip every human in the world to bring about a utopian state, with rules enforced by his super mutant army. Sadly, for the Master, he was killed and his super mutant army was free to roam the wastes.

Physical Description

Super mutants stand around 8-10 feet tall, are heavily muscled, and have a greenish skin tone, marked with odd patches of hair and unsightly boils and warts. Like ghouls, mutants age very slowly, but not as slowly as their cousins. Mutants are generally huge, weighing up to 350 pounds. Despite the fact that there are both mole and female mutants they can not reproduce through sex. The only known way to make more super mutants is by dipping regular humans.


Unfortunately, like ghouls, mutants are largely outcast from human society. Many of them prefer it this way, looking on human society as diseased or inferior because of the prejudice and corruption that still exist. Mutants were once part of what they see as an attempt to finally unite humanity and overcome humankind's weaknesses, and it is rumored that vats of the FEV virus still exist, and a mutant society is at work attempting to achieve this
goal, even after the Master's death.

Racial Traits

  • +2 to Strength +2 to Constitution, -2 to Dexterity and Charisma and a variable change to Intelligence(see below).
    • Super Mutants are considered a Large race. As such they take a -1 penalty to Attack and Defense rolls, +4 to grapple, and -4 to hide checks. They have a 10x10' facing, and 10 foot reach.
    • Super Mutants gain a +10 bonus to Fortitude save when warding off radiation and poison.
    • A starting 1st level character may not take the skills Drive, and Pilot initially. Due to their large sizes, they will only be able to learn these skills if they find a vehicle large enough to practice these skills.
    • A starting 1st level character may not take the feats Aircraft Operation, Drive-By-Attack, Surface Vehicle Operation Vehicle Expert, and Windfall. All but Windfall can be taken, but only until the character finds a vehicle large enough to practice these Feats.
    • Due to their large size, mutants are limited to using heavy weapons, laser, plasma, and pulse rifles. (ranged weapons sized Large or larger, melee weapons of Medium or larger)
    • The dipping method used to create mutants is often unreliable. When creating a super mutant, roll on this table using a d100:

o 1-10 Completely botched! Your character must re-roll their intelligence using a 1d6.
o 11-20 Botched! Your character loses 1d4 points of intelligence.
o 20-85 Normal. You lose only 2 points of intelligence.
o 86-100 Surprise! The dip went successfully, and you gain 1d4 points of intelligence.

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