Traits And Perks

Traits are taken at character creation and each character gets one. Perks work just like feats and can be taken any time a feat could be.


One Hander-[Trait]

Benefit:One of your hands is very dominant. you excel with one handed weapons, gaining a +1 bonus to attack rolls with them.
Penalty: This also means you suffer when it comes to weapons requiring two hands, with which you have a -1 penalty on attack rolls with them.


Penalty:For you and everyone around you, all attack and skill rolls are botched on a roll of a one or two.

Gremlins- [Trait]

Penalty:For you and everyone around you any rolls for computer, science, disable device, that have to do with technology are botched on a roll of one or two.

Kamikaze- [Trait]

Benefit: By not paying attention to threats around you, you move faster then most people in combat, gaining a +3 initiative roll. Also if you go first all of your opponents are considered flatfooted.
Penalty:However you take a -2 penalty to your defense.

Fast Metabolism [Trait]

You have a very high metabolic rate.
Benefit: You regain 1.5 times as many hit points from natural healing.
Penalty: Your Con saves when warding off radiation and poison are at a -4.

Small Frame [Trait]

Due to your small stature, you are unable to carry a lot of weight.
Benefit: You gain one point to your Dexterity.
Penalty: Your carry weights are 20% less for your strength than other people

Heavy Handed [Trait]

You hit hard, but without finesse.
Benefit: You do +2 extra points of melee damage
Penalty: Critical hits must be checked an extra time.

Good Natured [Trait]

You studied up on skills other than combat.
Benefit: You may trade your Simple Weapons Feat for one of the following Feats: Builder, Creative, Deceptive, Educated, Gearhead, Medical Expert, or Trustworthy.

Fear the Reaper [Trait]

You have cheated death!
Prerequisites: Ghoul
Benefit: You gain an extra starting perk.
Penalty: Something dangerous lies in your future (discuss with GM).

Glowing One [Trait]

Extreme radiation exposure has made you radioactive as well.
Prerequisites: Ghoul
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to ward of radiation.
Penalty: Everyone around you is constantly exposed to a mild amount of radiation

Tight Nuts [Trait]

This robot was built to absorb damage.
Prerequisites: Robot
Benefit: It gains an extra 2 points of DR.
Penalty: The check to repair it is at a base of 20.

Targeting Computer [Trait]

This robot has a dedicated targeting computer.
Prerequisites: Robot
Benefit: The robot make make an aimed shot (+2 to-hit).
Penalty: The robot may not move that turn.

EMP Shielding [Trait]

This robot has dedicated EMP shielding.
Prerequisites: Robot
Benefit: This robot moves 5ft less when it moves
Penalty: This robot takes 5 less points of electrical damage.

Beta Software [Trait]

This robot is loaded with experimental software.
Prerequisites: Robot
Benefit: This robot can be taught skills instead of having them programmed.
Penalty: This robot is prone to having weird and unexpected glitches…

Bruiser [Trait]

You are a little slower, but you hit very hard.
Benefit: Your Strength goes up by two points for combat purposes.
Penalty: You go last in a combat round.

Drug addict [trait]

you've been doing drugs for years, and don't plan to stop
benefit: when addicted to a drug you only have to take once a week to not get the negatives
Penalty:The chance to get addicted to a drug increases by 10%

Sex Appeal-[Trait]

This trait increases your chances of having a good reaction with members of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, this trait tends to annoy members of your sex. Jealous twits.
Prerequisite: Only humans can choose this trait
Benefit:When interacting with members of the opposite sex, you gain a 2-point bonus to Charisma for reactions only.
Penalty:When interacting with members of the same sex, you have a 1-point penalty to Charisma for reactions only and have a 40% penalty to both Speech and Barter rolls.

Bloody Mess-[Trait]

By some strange twist of fate, people around you die violently. You always see the worst way a person can die. This does not mean you kill them any faster or slower, but when they do die, it will be dramatic. Just how dramatic is up to the Gamemaster.
Penalty: none


In Your Face!

Prerequisites: weapon focus(any melee), bass attack 6
Ranks: 1
Benefit: Opponents with thrown weapons or firearms who are within 1 square of you and you are only holding melee weapons or are unarmed must make a will save(10+ your strength mod) or be unable to move. They also suffer a -2 penalty to hit with those weapons against all targets while within that 1 square.

Looking for Trouble

Prerequisites: special ( DM's discretion, I suggest players who are always looking for a fight)
Benefit: The character is guaranteed to run across trouble when spoiling for a fight. The player may instantly call up a Random Encounter when traveling on the World Map.

Mr. Fixit

you gain +5 to craft when repairing stuff

Bone Head

Prerequisites: con 14, Level 6
Benefit: You've been banged around enough that you've developed a very thick skull. Critical hits against your head have a 25% chance of not being a critical hit. BONUS: When combined with Unbreakable, this changes to 50% for a head maim, with no chance of a head break.


Prerequisites: Mechanics 5
Benefit: You have a talent for creating conventional firearms and ammunition. You have +5 to your skill when making qualifying equipment.

Living Anatomy

Prerequisites: treat injury 6 and (Melee 10 or Firearms 10 or Unarmed 10)
Benefit: You have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of living creatures. You gain a +2 damage bonus against all living creatures and when you score a hit against living creatures, your attack roll is increased by 5 for purposes of determining critical hits.

Monkey wrench

Prerequisites: Mechanics 6
Benefit: You know the weaknesses of robots so well that you gain +4 to damage against them and successful attacks against them have a critical chance like normal.

Nice Grouping

Prerequisites: weapon focus (any firearm)
Ranks: 3
Benefit: For every rank of this skill, the secondary and tertiary burst penalties are pushed out one round. E.g.: On a six round burst, the first round would have no penalty, the second would have a 4 penalty, and the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth would have an 8 penalty. With two ranks of Nice Grouping, the first, second, and third rounds have no penalty, the fourth round has a 4 penalty, and the fifth and sixth rounds have an 8 penalty.
Special: This feat can be taken up to 3 times (each referred to as a rank. See skill for info on how they stack)


Prerequisites: treat injury 5
Benefit: You have a talent for creating chems and medical supplies. You gain a +5 bonus when making qualifying equipment. Requires a Science Lab

Simple Machines

Prerequisites: Know( Science) 8 and Int 14
Benefit: You are so well versed in the artificial intelligence routines of robots that they suffer a -4 penalty to hit you.


Prerequisites: Base Attack +8 and wis 16
Benefit: You know that your trusty revolvers won't jam like those new-fangled automatic pistols. And hey, if you can't drop someone in six shots (or five), you need to spend more time at the firing range. When using revolvers, your critical failure chance goes down by 2 which can become a 0, your weapons range increment goes up by 10 ft., you also gain +4 to confirming critical hits.


Prerequisites: Level 3
Benefit: When selecting this perk, the player is allowed to select one skill for a permanent +4 bonus. The points are bought using the normal skill scale. Leftover points are saved, but allocated only toward that skill.

Team Player

Prerequisites: Diplomacy 10 and CH 16
Benefit: There is no "I" in "ENCLAVE", and you know that better than anyone. You gain +2 to all skill checks when within the influence of at least two teammates.

Adrenaline Rush

Prerequisites: Strength 10, Level 6
You have a fear of death that allows you to fight harder when you are wounded. When your character's HP drop below 50% of their maximum, your character gains a +2 Strength bonus.

Bonus HtH Attacks

Prerequisites: Dex 15, Level 15
Your character has watched Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee and managed to learn a thing or two. Your character can make more hand-to-hand or melee style attacks per combat turn with this perk. You get one extra unarmed attack at -5.

Bonus HtH Damage

Prerequisites: Dexterity 16, Strength 14, Level 3
You have learned a special technique to deal more damage with your fists and melee weapons. Your character gains a +2 bonus to Melee Damage.

Brown Noser

Prerequisites: Charisma 14, Intelligence 15, Level 2
You’ve learned how to suck up to your superiors. You get +1 bonus to all Charisma checks and Charisma based skills for reaction roles when dealing with authority figures for each rank of this perk. Dogs and Deathclaws cannot brownnose.
special: This feat can be taken twice and its bonuses will stack

Drunken Master

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Unarmed) , Level 3
As a child of the bottle, you fight better when you are drunk. You receive a +5 bonus to your Unarmed damage when under the influence of alcohol.


Prerequisites: Level 9
This perk will make it more likely that your character will find those strange and interesting encounters and items.
It is up to the GM to decide what those items and encounters are.

Fortune Finder

Prerequisites: Luck 8, Level 6
Random encounters yield more money. Of course, you have to take it off the cold, dead bodies of your opponents.
How much money is up to the GM.

Here and Now (Not sure if I'm going to keep this)

Prerequisites: Level 9
With this perk, your character immediately gains enough experience points to go up to the next level. If a
character chose this perk at level 9, they would gain enough experience points to go to level 10, placing them at a total of 45,001 experience points.

HtH Evade

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Unarmed), Level 12
If your character is not carrying any weapons in either hand, at the end of a combat turn, the character gains 3
points of AC


Prerequisites: survival 10 ranks, Charisma less then 13, Level 4
You always were a little different, but now you’ve learned how to use those differences to your advantage.
Characters with this perk gain +2 to all skill rolls when at least 60ft. away from all of the other members of the party.

Rad Child

Prerequisites: Con 15, Level 3
You do not take damage from radiation in fact, it heals you. You gain an extra +5 to your Healing Rate when in a
source of radiation that gives out 10 or more rads an hour. Only Ghouls can choose this perk.


Prerequisites: Wisdom 15, Level 9
You can find more ammo than the normal post-nuclear survivor. You always find double the normal ammunition in random encounters.

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